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Reviewing; Purrboxes – A Monthly Box Of Toys & Treats For Your Cat(s)

1456700_792815660786074_2198589533087441148_nThe cats (i have 2 girls 1 boy) was SO excited when this arrived through the letterbox. My partner said the girls were staring in the hallway & sniffing around so he got up & had a look if there was any post & sure enough it was this 😛 how cute!

This is a pawsome box, it’s a subscription box only £9.95 including postage in UK (you can do a one-off if you want)

What i got in this box was just a selection (every box is different i think, this was our first box)

What the cats got;

  • Grass seeds to grow grass (1+week on & it’s still growing)
  • Wagg Prrs treats (they loved them!)
  • 2 types flavor Webbox mini salami sticks (adored them ha)
  • Log type kicker toy.
  • The cockerel chicken looking thing makes a chirp noise when being played with (they had to share which they didn’t like lol)
  • 2 discs are compost for the grass seeds.
  • The little brown packet behind the seeds is dried catnip.

From the website;

Who are PurrBoxes? PurrBoxes is run by cat lovers for cat lovers, and are the first to offer a monthly cat box of toys and treats for cats in the UK.

What will I get in a PurrBox? In every PurrBox you will receive four or more carefully selected products and presents for your cat, along with a month’s supply of cat grass and catnip!

How much is a PurrBox? £9.95 + free delivery in the UK when you subscribe.

How much is delivery? Delivery of your monthly cat box is free in the UK when you subscribe. If you purchase individual boxes delivery is £1.99 so you can save over £20 a year by signing up.

How can I pay for a PurrBox? PurrBox subscriptions are by direct debit. This is all handled securely by our partner GoCardless and covered by the direct debit guarantee. Individual orders are paid via GoCardless as a single bank payment

Is there a contract? No! There’s no contract and no commitment for your monthly cat box, we hope you and your cat will enjoy the regular delivery but if you need to cancel at any time just log in to your account or email us.

Can I buy a PurrBox as a gift? Yes! You can buy a monthly cat box gift subscription, or a single gift PurrBox.

When are PurrBoxes dispatched? PurrBoxes are dispatched the middle of every month around the 15th.

What is the order cut off date for the monthly PurrBox? Boxes need to be ordered by the 10th of every month. (Extended to the 14th in April)

Is there an order cut off date for the single PurrBox? Single PurrBoxes are shipped the same time as the monthly box.

Will i get this again? Possibly 🙂

Did the cats love it? Very much so!

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To sign up for this box go to http://purrboxes.com/

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Reviewing; Cat Food/Treats from PetShop.co.uk


(Above photo is one of 3 cats Bubble smelling the wet food pouches) how cute!

10247222_786102041457436_2864016697594018255_n(left; Almo Nature wet food pouches)

One of them is ‘light’ diet version which is great as one of my cats is a little on the big side (he’s had the snip & is black male) the 2 girls LOVED them, they demolished them in like 5 minutes they had a pack each otherwise they wouldn’t be satisfied.


On the right; Natures:Menu treats Chicken & Liver 60g.

Made with 95% REAL MEAT.

Resealable (always love resealable packages to seal in the smell & make the taste last longer fresher)


My 3 cats LOVED this treat! I always give them treats once or twice a day when they have been good 🙂

10801919_786102061457434_167813768460659179_n(left; Hill’s Ideal Balance adult dry food 4kg)

My 3 cats had this yesterday & they left a little bit as it seemed to be filling for them. This huge pack would definitely last a month maybe two!

Here’s the link to find out more about this pack of food http://www.hillspet.com/ideal-balance/ideal-balance-cat-food.html

Hill’s is a high quality healthy brand perfect for taking care of your cat’s feeding needs.

All in all, my cats definitely loved them. To find out where you can get them from & about them; check out PetShop.co.uk (where i got them from)

  • http://www.petshop.co.uk/
  • Free delivery on orders over £19.99
  • Prince’s Trust funded business.
  • They stock over 10,000 products and all major brands of pet food and supplies.
  • They offer a unique subscription service called Bottomless Bowl to ensure you never run out of pet food again.
  • They have won over 5 awards!

So go & check them out 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this article 🙂

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