Scrummy ‘Push Pop’ Cakes from The Cake Nest.

*Firstly i wanted to apologise about the background of my photos, i’m literally decorating the whole flat & i need to buy some great background materials that look kind of kawaii*


I recently found out about this company who do make lovely cakes that get posted through the letterbox.


Here’s a little about the company;

Cake Nest started when we noticed family and friends gathering in our kitchen whenever we got the mixing bowl out. In those days few cakes made it as far as being decorated, let alone out of the kitchen. Often all we had to show for a day’s baking were a few sweet crumbs licked from sticky fingers.

The more we baked, the more other people seemed to love our cakes and we got so much pleasure from it we began to experiment…

From zingy lemon sponge to bittersweet espresso cake and who knows how many versions of the classic carrot cake (it had to be perfect!). We measured, mixed and baked our hearts out. The more we made, the more people wanted them and so Cake Nest was born.

Flying The Nest

Winning #SBS tweet 31/08/14

Today we’re still a family business and we still make our cakes with love and passion – we just have a bigger, state-of-the-art kitchen to do it from. It means we can make even more deliciously wicked treats including cake balls, push pops and cake cards.



I jumped at the chance to try them & i did not expected them to arrive so quick! The packaging had ‘perishable goods’ on the front which i got excited at ^.^ I didn’t actually know that the cakes would be in a ‘push pop’ container 😛 i thought it would be in one of those normal boxes [to my surprise] i actually had to ask my partner how to open it [yes i can be silly sometimes lol]


I LOVED the taste & texture of these! Absolutely gorgeous & scrummilicous. I licked the buttercream first before eating it & my tongue acted amazed at the flavour & my brain was like ‘omg :O soooooo nom nom!‘ My partner isn’t a fan of the red flower topper design but i liked it, it has a crunch in it. The sponge ‘tower’ is so smooth & moist.

Very melt in your mouth.

I fell in love with the whole thing! Even the push pop design amazed me, it’s so clever 😀

They do other types of cakes too, Valentine’s, cake cards, whoppie pies [looks similar to macarons], cup cakes [they come in its own cup & saucer], cake balls [dipped in chocolate] & letterbox cake [personalised].

They also have a Cake Slice Club that is monthly or weekly ^,^ you’d probably never run out of cakes [teehee]!

  • Free standard postage on all orders.


Taste rating; 5/5 they’re definitely so good.

Would i buy; Yes! I definitely would, i will be ordering their cakes ^,^

Price; Budget-friendly prices.


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Thankyou for reading ^,^ hope you enjoyed it & please do check out their cakes! ❤


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Reviewing; Cat Food/Treats from


(Above photo is one of 3 cats Bubble smelling the wet food pouches) how cute!

10247222_786102041457436_2864016697594018255_n(left; Almo Nature wet food pouches)

One of them is ‘light’ diet version which is great as one of my cats is a little on the big side (he’s had the snip & is black male) the 2 girls LOVED them, they demolished them in like 5 minutes they had a pack each otherwise they wouldn’t be satisfied.


On the right; Natures:Menu treats Chicken & Liver 60g.

Made with 95% REAL MEAT.

Resealable (always love resealable packages to seal in the smell & make the taste last longer fresher)


My 3 cats LOVED this treat! I always give them treats once or twice a day when they have been good 🙂

10801919_786102061457434_167813768460659179_n(left; Hill’s Ideal Balance adult dry food 4kg)

My 3 cats had this yesterday & they left a little bit as it seemed to be filling for them. This huge pack would definitely last a month maybe two!

Here’s the link to find out more about this pack of food

Hill’s is a high quality healthy brand perfect for taking care of your cat’s feeding needs.

All in all, my cats definitely loved them. To find out where you can get them from & about them; check out (where i got them from)

  • Free delivery on orders over £19.99
  • Prince’s Trust funded business.
  • They stock over 10,000 products and all major brands of pet food and supplies.
  • They offer a unique subscription service called Bottomless Bowl to ensure you never run out of pet food again.
  • They have won over 5 awards!

So go & check them out 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this article 🙂

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Christine x