Review; Non-caffeine Brain-boosting drink by IdrinQ.



IdrinQ® is a new generation drink.

With IdrinQ things that were challenging become simpler and everything seems clearer and more in focus. It is great for idea generation and creativity. It helps to separate the important from unimportant. With IdrinQ® everything clicks!
IdrinQ® Does NOT contain caffeine, artificial sweeteners or colourings. Ideal for students and working professionals who want to get the most of their days and nights.

Hi viewers! Hope you’re all well ^,^


So, i had the chance to try this caffeine-free drink out to see if the results are such as they have stated above.

I like to do a lot of things on the computer & i hate slow-typing my words. My partner plays on his PS4 doing games that require concentration.

Here’s whats in the drink; Water, inulin, sucrose, caramel syurp, citric acid monohydrate, flavourings, niacin, propylene glycol, ethanol, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin B3, vitamin B9, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, R(+)-a-lipoic (vitamin N) & L-arginine *NO CAFFEINE*

The smell; It smells like it has a lot of nutrition/vitamins if you know what i mean.

The taste; Initially it tastes okay, but we hate the aftertaste it tastes like many multivitamin drinks…BUT the taste goes away few moments later & that doesn’t stop us from finishing the drink off.

The concentration & focus; Well my partner was able to complete many of his activities in his game & i managed to get a lot of work done without my brain fogging up which happens a lot of the times.

How long the concentration lasted; It lasted approx 2/3 hours. That is suffice for us to do our own things.

Overall result/experience; I think this product is amazing, it’s so clever & i didn’t even know this  existed until recently!


You can buy a pack of 12 330ml drinks from Amazon UK for £19.99 free p&p


**If you are a student or you’re a gamer or your work/job requires your focus/alertness/concentration you should try this out! You won’t be disappointed at all**


It’s a brilliant innovation!


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Thankyou for reading ^,^ i hope you buy their product!






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