Fuit – See It, Want It, Win It.

Hello, hope you are all well 🙂

I want to tell you about this amazing new website.

This website is a new modernized version of competition website that you can instantly win some awesome prizes.

It’s called Fuit.

You buy credits [with a bonus] & select from over 100+ prizes you want to win and follow the instructions. Here is the link for the introduction on how to use this; https://www.fuit.co.uk/info/about it’s simple.

All products on their website is brand new & comes with a 1 year warranty & are factory/retailer sealed.

You will for sure find something you’d like.

You can quickly sign in with facebook to create your account.

You get bonus credits on your first deposit:
– £5 deposit gets 5 extra credits
– £10 deposit gets 10 extra credits
– £20 deposit gets 20 extra credits
– £30 deposit gets an extra 30 credits!

Here is a free promo code for you to use until 30th June 2015, the first 25 people will get free 5 credits to try this website out! The code is case-sensitive; ISPzN1l6 please copy & paste it.

You also help good charity causes by using this website!

Fuit winners can choose their charity

When you win with Fuit, you get more than just your prize. We will match 10% of the value of the prize to your nominated charity. So if you win a prize worth £1,000 – You get the £1,000 prize and we will give you £100 to donate to one of our nominated charities. You will be a Fuit hero with your donation. Pick the good cause you want to support, and make a real difference with Fuit.

Hope you enjoy your 5 free credits 🙂 let me know what you think of this website & if you won anything! ^.^

Please ‘like‘ their Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/fuit2win

Follow me on Twitter @lilmonster2013 x


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