Reviewing; Faux Druzy Earrings & Ring by LunaLouRox.

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Hello everyone, hope you are all okay.

I’m happy to present to you, this special kind of jewellery creations by LunaLouRox.

[Pictured] A set of earring studs & a ring.

Here is a better photo of the ring from the seller’s website as i don’t have a good camera;


About the ring; I love the uniqueness of the design. It is faux druzy & glittering with a 3D style. I call it ‘meteorite crystal’ as it looks like one of those unique mineral stones that people find on Earth.

The ring band has a vintage style pattern, i can’t find a better word for it, but have a look at the photos, it’s so stylish. Adjustable too.

The colors are pinks, purples & golds. It glitters in low light too 🙂

About the earrings; Same faux druzy design as the ring, the studs are quite big for that stand-out look which is what i was after. It’s so prettyful ^.^

The seller also sells different colors too 🙂

Overall, the items are so well-made & the quality is brilliant. If you’re after a unique piece of jewellery you should see what the seller sells 🙂

Here’s the link for the ring;

This ring is £3 & P&P in UK is £1. Low price for very high quality. You must love it!

Couldn’t find the matching earrings on the website though but please have a look on her website;

If you love quartz & stones, look no further than this website!

Please do ‘like‘ her Facebook page; & invite your friends to like it too ^.^

Precious, Unique & Prettyful jewellery waiting for you on that website. Go get them ^.^

*Thankyou to LunaLouRox for making out of this world jewellery.*

Christine x

Please follow me on Twitter; @lilmonster2013


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