Reviewing; Natural Healthy Drinks by VIVA.

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I’m a huge fan of healthy & natural drinks so i was pleased to try these 😀

They are low calories & no added sugar.

Here are the flavours;

DETOX Mint & Lemon [green bottle]

DEFENCE Watermelon & Raspberry [red bottle]

MIND Pineapple & Mangosteen [orange bottle]

CALM White Peach & Melon [blue bottle]

I’ll explain what they mean & ingredients;

DETOX – Body cleansing – Milk thistle, inulin & prickly pear.

DEFENCE – Immunity Boost – Hibiscus, sea buckthorn, zinc & magnesium.

MIND – Sustainable Energy – Green tea extract, 8 vitamins & ginkgo.

CALM – Stress Relief – Chamomile & Valerian root.

What i thought of them;

Lovely attractive design. Amazing flavours, not too strong & very light like water. I felt really refreshed after drinking these. Totally unique.

From their website;

Fruit juices – natural extracts – filtered water – real stevia [a special type of sugar]

DETOX & CALM have both won Great Taste 2014!

You really should try them out, you will LOVE them as much as i do! ^.^

Where to buy;


You can buy from their website. It’s £1.70 per bottle. Pack of 12 [one flavour each pack] is £20.40 OR you can get a pack of all flavours in which is £20.40! [I would get the taster pack which has all flavours in]


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I hope you try them, they’re so delicious!

Thankyou for reading 🙂

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Christine x


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