Reviewing; Customised Phone Case by Pegstar Designs.


Look at my lovely customised phone case above ^.^ how kawaii is it?!

I’m in LOVE with it. It’s so beautifully decorated by hand. The seller does custom designs. I asked for My Little Pony case to fit my phone which is Sony Xperia Z & she did it perfectly! It’s a flexible transparent case & not like those cases that gets cat fur stuck onto it >.< lol.

My phone gets really hot sometimes & it didn’t spoil the design at all.

Totally in LOVE *.*

You can ask her what design you want & for what phone & she may do it 🙂

She does not just phone cases but picture frames & shoes etc.

Check out her ETSY website;

Please ‘like‘ her Facebook page;

Please ‘follow‘ her on Twitter; @PegstarDesigns

Follow‘ her on Instagram too; @PegstarDesigns

I hope you purchase some of her items, they’re so uniquely handmade 🙂

Thankyou for reading ^.^

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Christine x


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