Reviewing; False Nails by I Love Your Nails.

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Hello, hope you are all well 🙂

I recently received these lovely hand-painted false nails.

They’re tiger stripes & the other design is some sort of abstract art with a tiny silver stud on it. I got both full set 12 of each design.

I’m a fussy person when it comes to animal patterns, it has to look right otherwise i won’t be interested. The seller painted it right. I’m satisfied with the patterns of both designs. I’ve had compliments from friends/followers.

I also received nail glues. Not sure if the seller does provide them with purchases.

Here’s where you can get them & the cost;

Tiger striped nails; ~ £3.99 + £1.90 p&p [if in UK]

The abstract design isn’t on ETSY website but if you like them, you can message her & ask for it [she does custom design too]

The false nails she’s selling is super cheap & stylish. You should get some ^.*

Go give her a ‘like‘ on Facebook;

Thankyou 🙂

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Christine x


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