Reviewing; Yummy Chocolates & Others by BARÚ Chocolates & Marshmallows.

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Look at the photos – looks so attractive & it tried to entice me into eating them all by myself 😛 of course i couldn’t possibly do that, wouldn’t be fair on my partner Billy. LOL 😛

I’m hoping you can read the words on the photos…but in case you can’t, here’s what they were [yes they’ve been eaten lol but my partner Billy eat some too]

Dark chocolates Dreamy Hippos [it had salty caramel inside & shaped like hippos!]

2 boxes of Fluffy Marshmallows with chocolate [milk chocolate & dark chocolate]

Little packets of Chocolate Wrapped Clouds [looked like clouds]

Dark Chocolates Hippos. These were hard ones without caramel [i think?]

Vanilla Chai Latte powder [to put in water & drink]

Now what was good? Oh yes, those yummy chocolates! They were definitely luxury chocolates. Beautifully shaped chocolates. The marshmallow ones were so fluffy! & the dark chocolate with caramel were OH MY GOD WOW! As you know, it’s quite hard to eat dark chocolate alone so the salted caramel was perfect – match. As i’m writing this, i have none of these left 😦 so i must get more soon, maybe ASAP! They really are so so so so so yummy. Nom nom! ^.^

So..i hope you are interested to try these? Yes? Well here’s where you can buy them;

Their website; [you can buy from website]

The shops that sell them; most department stores sell them, if you want to know where, please contact them.

Go ‘like‘ their Facebook;

Please do buy these yummy chocolates ^.^ you have to see what i’m talking about ^.*

Please follow me on Twitter; @lilmonster2013 for reviews & competitions.

Christine x


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