Reviewing; Cosmetics by MEMEME Cosmetics.

Hello, hope you’re all okay πŸ™‚

Here’s the photos of the cosmetics, below the photos i will tell you what they are etc.

10952269_825586497508990_8901259547231783984_n 10957727_825586540842319_8283690674587616088_n 10945013_825586417508998_6552794706952106124_n 10806462_825586477508992_8732699442583559713_n 10450825_825586267509013_432936933657629083_n 10422597_825586334175673_7844962006739610791_n 1560761_825586430842330_2639399294992047647_n 1450949_825586517508988_4460966274180065187_n

There are 6 items in total.

Here’s pictures of me wearing the makeup pieces [apart from white eyeliner & eyeshadow & mascara is other brand]

1604585_825586390842334_7147684323139992435_n 10471308_825586450842328_8246519617658442122_n 10928191_825586314175675_3122058187931672431_n

Don’t i look pretty πŸ™‚ these makeup styles are alot different from what i usually look like so i made it perfect for this blog review ^.^ [if you’re wondering, i don’t show my teeth, smiling with teeth doesn’t suit me]

The products are very high quality for low prices. Very unique too. I LOVE bright colors they so suit me πŸ™‚ especially when i have colored hair πŸ™‚ Happy girly πŸ˜€

Here’s the list of what i used & the website links [website is mostly in German or Switzerland language? I used google translate];

All items came up to FR 38.00 i’m not sure what the FR is in money?

Their website needs to have English language as it’s number 1 language in the world.

I managed just fine with google translate πŸ™‚

Please check out their website, they have awesome things on there ^.^ as you can see from my pictures.

Please ‘like‘ their Facebook page;

Please ‘follow‘ me on Twitter; @lilmonster2013 for reviews & competitions.

Thankyou for reading πŸ™‚




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