Reviewing; Products from Simply Sunshine.

I wanted to try some of the products this company sells, they’re an independent distributor of Nature’s Sunshine products.

Here’s what i got;

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Solstic Slim [an huckleberry flavored low calorie weight management beverage mix]

Zambroza [a naturally rich in antioxidants 2 times a day, 15ml twice daily drink]

Fat Grabbers [Weight loss/management pills, doesn’t need explaining what it does]

So, i set off to try them all. 15ml twice a day of that Zambroza drink, tastes really sour but it’s only a little sip 2x daily so it’s manageable. I feel healthier after a week.

The Fat Grabbers pills, i haven’t weighed myself yet so i don’t know if it’s working, i’m awaiting the end of this month to do my weigh-in. They’re big pills & you have to take 4 times per meal. 250ml of water to take them then that drink of water after swallowed pills.

Solstic Slim is a food supplement that you take when you are feeling hungry instead of eating a snack. You take one of those packets & put in a glass of water, it dissolves quickly then drink it. Tastes quite nice ūüôā it does stop me feeling the need to snack but i’m not sure if it’s that or the water [water tends to fill you up]

Here’s the info about each item that’s on the website;

Fat Grabbers – Nature’s Sunshine’s¬†Fat Grabbers is ideal for anyone wanting to absorb less fat from their everyday diet. It contains no stimulants and¬†no other questionable ingredients. It¬†just has wholesome nutritional substances and it will not¬†disrupt normal body processes in any other way.

Fat Grabbers combines Guar Gum and Psyllium Hulls’¬†high-quality fibre with¬†Lecithin¬†and¬†Chickweed, making¬†a unique formula that traps fat molecules.

Research on Guar Gum and Psyllium Hulls shows their effectiveness in minimising the absorption of fat. Chickweed contains saponins that also act as fat emulsifiers. Lecithin is a nutrient that helps to break down fat, making it easier for the fibres to trap it. 

Zambroza – This amazing-tasting¬†product from Nature’s Sunshine is a unique and powerful blend of juices that are naturally rich in vitamin C – which is¬†a powerful antioxidant.¬† Not only will you feel revitalised by¬†Zambroza¬†but these antioxidants have a powerful effect on the health of the skin helping you to look great too. Nature‚Äôs Sunshine‚Äôs top selling product worldwide,¬†Zambroza¬†is¬†a synergistic blend that helps to replenish the body¬†and¬†increase vital energy.


  • Supply powerful nutrients in concentrated form¬†that give the body energy and vitality
  • Help maintain your immune system in a healthy state
  • Neutralise free radicals throughout your body – antioxidise yourself!

Solstic Slim – Nature’s Sunshine’s¬†Solstic¬†Slim has been specially manufactured¬†to support any weight-management programme, by reducing fluctuations in blood sugar that can often occur as a result of unhealthy snacking, so¬†helping to manage cravings. ¬†For those that need a helping hand,¬†Solstic¬†Slim can help you¬†towards your target weight. ¬†It has four key ingredients, each chosen for their excellent benefits, and formulated in a way that maximises their potency.¬†

Solstic Slim includes Green Coffee Bean extract. This contains chlorogenic acid, which is a well-known ingredient in weight management products. Solstic Slim also contains Grape Skin Extract, which in turn contains resveratrol, which is well known for its antioxidant activity. Also in Solstic Slim are Green Tea extract and Yerba Maté  which help promote feelings of fullness.

Where to buy & cost;

Solstic Slim Р £22.95 £27.00 [can get multipack]

Fat Grabbers Р [120 pills] £11.01 £12.95

Zambroza 458ml Р £19.07 £22.44 [can get multipack]

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Christine x


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