Review; Jewellery From Bo Boutique.

I got these lovely cute jewellery pieces from Bo Boutique.

10924711_821779734556333_284975150015098350_n 10352983_821779551223018_4350672821996308102_n 1619155_821779577889682_5534244793283935766_n10455561_821779694556337_5893669709545322579_n

A pair of unique brass tribal spiral earrings. They don’t have ‘back’s you just put them in your earring holes & turn them around 🙂 so funky & handy!

A cute little pink bracelet with a solid brass star.

Great handmade items.

They came in a lovely branded drawstring pouch 🙂

The lovely seller has lots more for sale on Etsy website 🙂

Here’s the website;

Please ‘like’ the seller’s Facebook page;

Follow me on Twitter; @lilmonster2013

Christine x


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