Reviewing; Purrfect Box – Monthly Cat Box Subscription.

The Monthly Cat Box Subscription.

I was excited for my cats to receive our Purrfect boxes 🙂

Here’s the photos of what they all got;

1461718_820803907987249_2460175609013611522_n 10363695_820804301320543_1955766943141232541_n 10420291_820804064653900_3773322134691470395_n 10847700_820803584653948_6118097160775085252_o 10920937_820803944653912_8030318377026394171_n 10922737_820803691320604_6126991635923694120_n 10923718_820803801320593_4666167689290418945_n 10926185_820803724653934_5233035180430622581_n 10931214_820803774653929_5358305819522790787_n

My 3 cats went mad sniffing around their items ^.^ how cute! P.S you see the little blue mouse on top of items in one of the pictures, not what we received it’s one of our own toys 😛

Bear in mind, we got 2 boxes not just 1. So  basically we got over 10 items from the 2 boxes! You get about 5-6 high quality products per box ranging from health, toys, treats & grooming etc.

The website is where you order your boxes. You make a profile & based on your cat/cats profile they’ll send out suitable goodies. Relatively simple process.

It’s ONLY £19.90 a month. If you want to save money, you can opt for the YEARLY cost of 15.90 per month for a year, you’d save over 20% including £1 per delivery!

Your cat/cats will love you even more if you get them their box 😛

Their website;

Go ‘like’ their Facebook;

Their Facebook is full of cat entertainments & pictures ^.^

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Christine x


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