Reviewing; Handmade Ring & Earrings by Celeste Adorned.

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[Above photos are my own photos]

I was pleased to receive these little pieces of jewellery. It’s beautifully handmade by a lovely lady. I got alot of compliments when i wore them. I wear the ring ALL the time with care.

The heart ring; The crystalised hearts on one half of the ring, the other half of ring is just plain silver hearts. I find that handy ‘cos it’s safer that way 🙂 I love it! Definitely without a doubt the best heart ring i’ve had so far.

The earrings; Lovely Art Deco dangly bow earrings. Definitely a cute little statement. They aren’t heavy nor too big. Sparkly little things. I would use these earrings everytime i doll up 🙂

They came in 2 separate elegant boxes with the brand’s name on. Their packages are environmental friendly & recyclable whenever is possible.

Hearts & bows are in my top 5 of cute shapes!

Pro’s; Everything is perfect.

Con’s; Nothing at all – nada.

The seller sells handmade jewelleries. Necklaces, brooches, rings, bracelets, scarves & many more.

Where to find these & more;!product/prd14/3151745561/hearts-band-ring £16.99!product/prd14/3151794711/art-deco-bronze-%26-bow-earrings £19.99

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