Reviewing; Health Drinks by Alibi.

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Alibi’s the ultimate health drink. A lightly sparkling, fruit juice blend packed with 19 essential vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts.


Alibi replenishes, hydrates and supports your body’s natural defences.

I got 3 different flavours; Sparkling Citrus, Sparkling Blueberry & Sparkling Pomegranate.

What it tastes like; Well it tastes like those health pills that have all the vitamins & minerals, that taste. I don’t mind swallowing those pills with that taste BUT i dislike it in a drink…i thought it’d be nice to drink but i was wrong. The can is too big for a taste like this. The sparkling texture is perfect. I’m a HUGE fan of all things to do with health & fitness & i tried my damnest to manage a can of these but i couldn’t go pass 2 mouthfuls. Maybe if it was in a way smaller can then i could suffice or in a ‘shot’ type packaging.

What i think of the packaging; It’s catching, nice bold colors. Very informative.

The ingredients etc; It has natural minerals, fruit juice, stevia [a healthy version of sugar], vitamins, herbal extracts & beta glucan.

FREE FROM; Caffeine, stimulants, refined sugars, preservatives & artificial ingredients.

So if you can tolerate the taste of these then good on you, i’d be well jealous! From now i’d just stick to my tablets.

I’m just gutted my taste buds let me down on these. Oh well….

So if you’re interested in these here’s the info on where to get them;

Tesco. Ocado. Waitrose. Wholefoods Market. Tesco Extra. ASDA. Booths. Harvey Nichols. John Lewis. Holland & Barrett & many more.

Please do visit their social networks;

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Thankyou for reading.


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Christine x


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