Reviewing; Ohyo – The Collapsabottle.

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This is a unique hour-glass shaped bottle that allows the bottle to be collapsed. This is an amazing invention! It’s handy for the environment too & it saves money on water & buying bottles.This is re-usable and easy to wash! You can put it in the dishwasher! It fits in your bag or pocket.

This comes with a warning; Not designed for microwave use or hot & fizzy drinks. Wash before use. Bright colored drinks may stain.

The warning shouldn’t put you off at all!

From the website;

Using (and re-using) an Ohyo avoids the need
to buy environmentally-damaging bottled water.
Refill your Ohyo from the tap just twice and Ohyo
is carbon neutral. Ohyo is BPA-free and made in Sheffield, UK.

I got this pink one & my partner has the blue one. They have several colors.

There is 2 colors for children, they have 500ml Optimus Prime & Bumblebee!

For adults they have 500ml; blue, green, pink, clear, yellow & red blue.

They also have 1000ml bottles! It features a handy metal clip and a spout designed for drinking or pouring. Ohyo 1000 stands at 20cm, collapses to 7cm and holds over 1000ml.

I have to say this is pretty wicked! Totally unique design! I remember seeing them featuring it on a tv show! I don’t like drinking water BUT this bottle style entices me to drink water 🙂

If you want to buy this go to their website via this link;

500ml 10-pack bottle is from £29.90 with free delivery.

500ml kids is £5.99 also same for adults 500ml.

The 1000ml is £12.99.

This is a bargain bottle! Cheap & useful & handy 🙂

Go get it!

Go give this awesome bottle a like at Facebook;

Their Twitter;

Thankyou for reading 🙂


Christine x


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