Reviewing; 2 Lucky Cats from The Japanese Shop.

10303741_790645784336395_2550237949531833245_n 10343692_790645801003060_533715670956775350_nI got these 2 lovely lucky cats soft toys. They’re called Nami Chan & Moe Chan πŸ™‚

These are totally handmade & are really soft. I use it as decoration but i also see them as the superstitious type person i am as they are seen as lucky cats in Japan. I keep them on my computer desk πŸ™‚ they both mean ‘illness‘ & ‘wealth‘ so i’m protective of them πŸ™‚

It’s Β£14 for both cats. By the way i have the old version that isn’t on the website anymore, the ones on website is a more updated version πŸ™‚

The website does quality Japanese gifts.

Things they do;

Kimono’s, Japanese dolls, Lucky cats, origami, incense, tableware, stationery, art & many more.

The link for my cats; &

Please do go check the website out πŸ™‚ i’m sure you will love it!

The website is;

Go give them a ‘like’; on Facebook;

Their Twitter;

Thankyou for reading ^.^


Christine x


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