Reviewing; Liquorice Allsorts Tote Bag & Brooch Acessory by Miss Pretty London.

Hello viewers 🙂 hope you’re well!

Below are photos that i took of the items.

10393177_790493951018245_5099317812563059031_n 10689969_790494031018237_8092432235714431701_n 10801856_790493901018250_4560375577961751583_n 10806358_790493754351598_2088593464667996952_n

The brooch is purchased separately. I’m using the brooch as a bag accessory 🙂

The tote bag is very ‘roomy‘ plenty of space to put whatever you want. I’d be using it for shopping and groceries 🙂 it measures; 47cm down & 36cm across.

The items are very well handmade such high quality. Totally fetching 😛 i love this ‘cos it’s so kawaii/kitsch (i’m a sucker for those types)

You could also use the brooch as an actually brooch on your coat or tops basically anything to make any outfit charming ^.^ it measures; approx 12cm.

The tote bag from their website is £15 link is;

The brooch from their website is £6.99 link is;

They also have other matching items such as;

  • Travelcard holder.
  • Glasses case.
  • Keyring.
  • Kindle case.
  • Fabric in allsorts print.
  • Chequebook cover.
  • Chequebook & travelcard holder gift set.
  • Passport cover & luggage tag gift set.
  • Travelcard holder & passport cover gift set.
  • Luggage identity bag tag.
  • iPhone/Blackberry/mobile phone sock.
  • Mini tablet case.

They have LOTS of other awesome items to buy! Go look 🙂

They also have an exclusive range of Christmas goodies for you to buy.

About the website brand;

aboutGive them a ‘LIKE‘ on Facebook;

Go follow them on Twitter;

Let me know what you thought of these items & this post 🙂

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Thankyou for reading ❤

Christine x


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