Reviewing; Butterfly Print Velvet Shoulder Bag from Naturally Fair *fairtrade*.

Unicorns Are Really Real

Hello viewers 🙂 hope you’re well! 🙂

My photos are below;


100% cotton material & the pretty butterflies are shown on a velvet -like material.

The stitches on the shoulder straps aren’t strong enough and it doesn’t feel safe so i’d avoid putting something heavy inside. Also it isn’t very suitable for the rainy days but if it’s not raining it’s stunning to use otherwise 🙂

This is well suited for someone who likes butterflies 🙂

The website’s photo below;

1be484_f12986a5352b48f8b60ca6fc7a964d75About this item;

The measurements are; 42 x 31cm.

This bag is £15.

The link for this bag is;!product/prd15/2290503731/butterfly-print-velvet-shoulder-bag

They have colors you can choose; Teal, Olive, Plum & Raspberry. This one i have is Raspberry.

Their website;

Go ‘LIKE‘ their Facebook page;

Go ‘follow‘ them on Twitter;

They have other range of items including kawaii items!

Thankyou for reading 🙂


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