Reviewing; 925 Sterling Silver False Nail Jewellery by BOHEM.

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Before i received my 2 pieces of false nails i had never heard of the brand called ‘BOHEM‘ or of any 925 sterling silver nails, i didn’t think that kind of stuff existed.

I received the package & inside was a lovely box with see-through little ‘window’ & inside the ‘window’ was my 2x nails. It came with all instructions too.


Check out ‘how to apply’;

It was fairly easy when you get the hang of using the adhesive tabs.

When i got the hang of it, i had painted my nails blue with glitter top coat to match the dolphin 🙂

You can get 1 piece of false nail OR you can get 2 pieces. I got 2 pieces. One for each hand to be used as a fashion statement ‘show off’ piece.

It took me 50+ pictures to get a good few pictures lol ‘cos of the reflection of my smartphone camera haha.

You can get 92 different designs! You buy 1 or 2 pieces & it comes with a sheet of strong adhesive tabs & sterling silver polishing cloth & a nail buffer. It also comes in 3 different sizes. The one i had was a size small, it fitted my number 4 fingers.

It’s £40.00 for a pair of gypsy dolphin design (same as mine) & if you take care, it lasts a lifetime (apart from when you need to repurchase the adhesive tabs i think) OR for just 1 piece it’s £21. That’s a bargain for a unique one of a kind 925 jewellery false nail statement.

How to choose the size for your nails, here’s the link;

If it doesn’t fit you, they offer a free returns/exchange.

Check out their website shop;

Now go & check them out at;

Their Facebook;

Their Twitter;

Their Instagram;

Their Pinterest;

Their Google+;

Their Youtube;

Thankyou for reading 🙂

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Christine x


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