Reviewing; TOTM (Time Of The Month) Subscription Service.


This awesome subscription company does women’s monthly time of the month things.

How it works;

  • You select the products you want.
  • You tell them how often you’d like them (eg if you due on once a month like i am)
  • You will receive your fabulous organic items in time 🙂
  • It’s totally tailored to your needs.

I received my items exactly on the day i was due, how awesome!

The items you receive ARE organic. Made out of 100% certified organic cotton. I have to say it is very comfortable than synthetic ones you buy nowadays.

They have pads, tampons & pantyliners. I got all 3 & you can choose how heavy or how light you are.

From their website; Many of the popular sanitary products available on the market are made with:

  • Plastics
  • Chemically treated cellulose
  • Super absorbent polymers
  • Perfumes
  • Other Petrochemical materials

By using these products many women increase their risk of allergies and vaginal irritations. 

Many of these products are NOT made with natural materials and are NOT biodegradable and are harmful to our environment.

Breathable –
 Admits air to flow through its fibres.
Guarantees an optimal level of humidity with the outside –
 to limit skin dehydration.
Physiological body’s PH Compatibility –
 its compatible with the human body’s physiological PH. It does not alter the natural acidity of the skin.
Chemical & dioxin free – regular cotton is one of the world’s most chemically sprayed crops

Have you ever considered what’s in your mass produced, pure white tampon? Or ultra high-tech liners and pads? Or the impact their toxic manufacturing process has on our planet and our future generation’s health?

  • The majority of women’s sanitary products are made from rayon, cellulose wood pulp and viscose and not from cotton!
  • All our tampons organic absorbent cores are wrapped with a non-woven veil with a special interface to protect you from loose fibres.
  • Rayon is made from cellulose fibres made from bleached wood pulp.
  • To make matters worse these materials are bleached using chlorine which results in a dangerous by-product – a toxin called a dioxin.
  • Rayon and viscose fibres are highly absorbent and are potentially dangerous as these fibres stick to your vaginal wall when the tampon is removed. The fibres left behind contain dioxins and synthetics that can create a favourable enviroment for the growth of bacteria that causes TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  • Dioxin is closely linked to cancer and studies show that its carcinogenic (cancer forming) qualities can be linked to some serious conditions such as Endometriosis, an impaired immune system, reduced fertility and abnormal cell growth throughout the body
  • Viscose is a form of wood cellulose acetate that’s made to have a cotton-feel touch
  • Cellulose wood pulp is obtained from trees (with an average waste of 50% of each tree)

DID YOU KNOW? Many of the popular, convential pads and liners available today are made from up to 90% plastic – the equivelant of four plastic bags per pad!

The cocktail of chemicals within these products can still easily be absorbed by your skin (just think of nicotine and HRT patches). Synthetics and plastic restricts the free flow of air and traps heat, causing dampness that can lead to vaginal irritations, allergy and yeast growth.

Unlike the 100% pure, certified, organic cotton used by TOTM, there is a growing breed of “natural cotton” products appearing on our shelves, don’t be fooled – using these “natural cotton” products are not a better option! Cotton is the most chemically sprayed, genetically modified crop in the world! Who doesn’t these days think about chemically sprayed foods and their impact on our health? Would you not give the same consideration to your sanitary products?

All our products are hypoallergenic and are compatible with your bodies natural PH. Our products are also 95% biodegradable and dissolve naturally in landfills.

I am totally impressed with this! Why didn’t i know about this ages ago.

If you’re a new customer, you can signup & get your free trial box!

The packaging is totally discreet.

To sign up follow this link – it’s really easy to use.

The staff are very helpful. They have loads of Q&A’s on their website.

Go give them a ‘like’ at

Have you used them & what did you think of them?

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Thankyou for reading 🙂

Christine x


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