Reviewing; FM Cosmetics.

Hello, hope everyone is good on this cold day.

I came across this Facebook page, i received a perfume sample & foundation sample to review.

I haven’t used the foundation YET.

I received perfume similar to Hugo Boss Woman.

This person sells perfumes that are similar to branded ones but much cheaper & more higher concentration for example; A Hugo Boss from a high street store would cost you between £35-£40 for 50ml or roughly £30 from somewhere like the ‘Perfume Shop’ online for only 30ml whereas FM Cosmetics sells 50ml perfume at £24.99 from their Supreme/Luxury Collection.

I put a little all over my wrists & it smells lovely, quite similar to Hugo Boss Woman perfume. The smell lasts 2/3 hours. Very light & girly 🙂

They sell a range of cosmetics & perfumes.

About FM Cosmetics;

  • They’re an exclusive brand expanding rapidly throughout the UK.
  • FM specialise in finding their clients attractive and affordable products that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Save money on your favorite fragrance.

They could find you an alternative FM brand of similar scent, the same high quality but at a more affordable price that you’ll like.

It’s not just perfume/aftershave they do beauty & cosmetics & skincare & home care products.

How can you not refuse that, after all, they are great 🙂

You just go to the facebook page & tell them your favorite perfume/aftershave & they’ll see if they can help 🙂

You can also email Laura at

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY £5 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER! QUOTE CODE FM2 (minimum order value of £20.00 applies)

You can also request a catalogue from her (£1 each for a limited time only quote FM1) or view online for free 🙂

Go give her a ‘like’ on her Facebook –

Any questions?

Please share this blog post 🙂

Many thanks.

Christine x


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