Reviewing; Nose Exfoliator Mitt.

10389225_774495222618118_4656560203761472327_nHad the chance to review another cute kawaii product!

How effing cute is this! I’m IN LOVE with this 😛 I was like OMG when i got this. Okay enough about that *sorry*.

Packaging was SO cute! I had to play about with the packaging to figure out how to open it :/ 2 minutes later YAY managed to lol.

I can’t read this language unfortunately but on their website they have english sometimes 🙂

So i got it out of the package & toyed with it, it feels soft smooth like a cloth you use for your face. But this is a finger sized mitt for your nose ^.^ i’ve always had dry flaky problem with my nose in like forever 😦 so i hoped this’d sort it out.

1912215_775138069220500_7656799972843376850_n(Please excuse my dark under-eye circles in picture) I used this when i was in the bath lol, doing my usual face cleaning routine, when done i started to use this, circular motions around my nose & top lip as i have dry problem there too. I have to use this 1/2 times daily to carry on being dry-free if that is a word, think i made that word up lol… It was FABULOUS! Got out the bath dried etc & rubbed my nose *gasp* dry-free! Nice & smooth no trace of dryness & my blackheads actually gone too. I actually gave this mitt a kissyhug lol *.*

Now it’s hanging off my tap 🙂 ready to be used again.

My rating for this; 10/10! Something this teeny small is amazingly brilliant at exfoliating my little nose 😛

Where to buy; it’s £5.50 well worth the price 🙂

Have you tried anything from Any questions?

Thankyou for reading this 🙂

Christine x


10 thoughts on “Reviewing; Nose Exfoliator Mitt.

  1. I have it too but I don’t it any more I didn’t think it worked very well. You should try another brand it’s a coccoon that you use to exfoliate your face! (a coccoon like the one a butterflies makes before it becomes pretty ^^)

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  2. it’s called a mayudama


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