Reviewing; Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-‘Glow’-Sion!

10174909_775137639220543_8234789943725647182_nHad the chance of reviewing a sample of this item.

Triple Oxygen Ex-‘glow’-sion from Bliss.

Vitabead-infused moisture cream.

With oxygen and micro-algae for an instant burst of youthful radiance.

Copied & pasted this from their website;

bliss triple oxygen ex-‘glow’sion moisture cream

get an instant burst of youthful radiance!

‘glow’ to the extremes with the only vitabead-infused moisture cream with oxygen and micro-alegae for an instant burst of youthful radiance. It’s formula provides an explosion of antioxidant vitamin E on contact as vitamin C and three forms of oxygen help deliver beautiful, younger-looking skin.

why it works

  • micro-alegae: reloads skin with new life and enhanced cell turnover.
  • vitamin E beads: antioxidant that bursts on contact to neutralize free radicals that damage collagen and cause skin dryness
  • triple oxygen & vitamin C: supports cell respiration and reinforces collagen synthesis
So here’s what i think of it. I was a tad bit curious about the ex-‘glow’-sion name, it struck out to me, i like funky names 🙂 Used my finger to scoop it out, it was like gel/slime not cream i haven’t came across that before.I cleaned my face & put this on before bed & massaged into my skin for 30 seconds each part of my face as per instructions, it felt watery gliding it across my face. I went to bed then 15-20 hours later my face felt rough & a bit greasy. I asked my partner if he felt it the same as me & sure enough i was right :/ so i went to wipe it off my face gently & didn’t find any difference in feeling or visually. Maybe it’s me but some creams from other brands don’t sink in well enough for me to feel moisturized….

My rating for this is; 3/10. Unfortunately as much as i wanted to LIKE it, it didn’t perform well enough for me. I’m gutted.

Where to buy; it’s £55 for 50ml.

Any questions? Have you used Bliss’ products? Were they good for you?

Thankyou for reading.

Christine x


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