About Me Part 4 :)

1. How tall are you? 5ft2 half.

2. What color(s) is/are your hair? Dyed blue.

3. Is it short, long, medium? Curly, straight, etc? Short wavy.

4. Is your hair easy to style? Do you usually wear it the same way or do you switch it up? I just straighten it or curl it.

5. Skin color-wise, how would you describe your skin? Light, dark, some intricate mixture in between? Light.

6. Your eyes are the window to your soul. What color are they? Hazel.

7. Do they change colors? Yeah.

8. Do you wear glasses or contacts? If so, which do you prefer? Supposed to wear glasses.

9. Now for your nose – do you think you have a cute button nose? Hate it.

10. Smile! Are you happy with your mouth’s size and those pearly whites? My teeth are ugly & my lips are too dark 😦 & they too thin >_<

11. Do you wear braces, or have you ever worn them? No & no.

12. Moving on down…What size are your boobs? 38c.

13. Are you good with your size, or could you do with a little less or a little more? Well for my size I would like more but when I was skinny I loved my flat boobs 🙂 they were 32a 🙂

14. How about your stomach? Like your size or want a different one? Different! I miss my very toned washboard tummy that I had in 2007 & before!

15. Do you think your vagina is pretty? I don’t know :/

16. Booty wise, do you like the shape and size of your tush? Not anymore as since I’ve put weight on my butt is flat & lumpy. Awful!

17. Does it look better in jeans or skirts? Skirts apparently.

18. Speaking of jeans, what do you think of your legs? Tree trunks lol but it isn’t even that big.

19. Do you have any scars, cuts or bruises? All of them.


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