About Me Part 3 :)

What size is the last bed you kissed on? Double.

When was the last time you were sick? Last christmas i think.

Are you one of those people who are always cold? Usually yeah.

What are you listening to? The boyfriend playing on his xbox.

How many more days until your birthday? 6 months.

Do you have any summer plans yet? Nope!

When was the last time you shaved your legs? Few hours ago.

Is there someone you wish you were closer with? Yes.

Do you tend to waste a lot of money? Nope, i save but the boyfriend spends it on crap that i don’t approve of.

Have any addictions? Used to have so many.

Are you anything like your siblings? Very much not!

Have you ever had a stalker? Yes.

What did you last drink? Diet Coke.

Have you ever received an injury from a hook up? Yes.

What did you last eat? Chicken 🙂

What was the best concert you have been to? Only been to one & that was Westlife.

Who is the last person you hugged? Billy.

Do you have any good friends of the opposite sex? A few.

When was the last time you had a crowd at your house? Not had one yet.

What can you smell? Pizza oddly as had chicken.

How many cell phones have you had? Over 20 ‘cos they all kept malfunctioning!

Do you have trust issues? No, luckily.

Are you keeping anything from your best friend(s) now? No.

Where do you get all your clothes? Shops & online.

What did you do today ? Slept, did my blog posts & entered competitions.

Do you have a YouTube account? Yes it’s misspriincessemo.

Do you have a secret that you’ve never told anyone? Yes.

Have you ever regretted kissing someone? No.

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? No.

Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile? Yes.

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Yes lol!

Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone? With someone.

Will next friday be a good one? No idea.

When was the last time something bothered you? There’s always something bothering me.

Do you think age matters in relationships? No.

Have you ever lived with a girlfriend/boyfriend? Yes quite alot.

When will your next kiss be? I don’t predict.

Who was the first male you talked to today? Billy.


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