About Me Part 1

Hair Color: Was neon orange so now it’s faded looks orangey yellow with dark roots haha.
Nail polish right now: None.
Size feet: UK4.
Dress size: 14/16
Height: 5ft3
FavoritePerfume: Can’t choose. Lady Gaga Fame & 212 Sexy.
Glasses?: Ooops, need get my glasses again.
Last party?: Um YEARS ago.
Favorite Male celebrity: Zak Bagans, Jensen Ackles.
Favorite Female celebrity: Cara Delivigne, Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lawrence.
Favourite season: Used to be winter but now i actually prefer summer!
Cold or hot nights: Warm lol.
Tea or Coffee: Herbal tea please.
Favorite Band: Disturbed. Avenged Sevenfold.
Favorite TV Show: American Horror Story, Big Bang Theory & loads more.
Song you can’t stop listening too: Sacred Lie by Disturbed & the song called Wrong Turn from the film.
Flats or heels: Heels but they so uncomfortable 😦 lol.


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