Reviewing Yummy Chocolate – My first review :)

10710557_766881320046175_8597684920552873385_nElizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Mint Thins.

‘Deliciously rich dark chocolate with crunchy mint sprinkles’

Allergy advice; Soya. May also contain milk & nuts.

What do i think of this?

I took one piece out of the box & broke it half & ate it & ‘mm’ yes i tasted dark chocolate but not like the DARK chocolate that are quite strong it was lovely. I’m not usually a fan of dark chocolate but this gets the 5/5.10409363_766876576713316_5182580748646768952_n

The mint sprinkles, wow it was really minty it overpowered the dark chocolate flavor hence why i liked it.

The packaging i would give it 5/5 it is nicely designed & shows actual pictures of the chocolates.

Had a pleasure reviewing this yummy box of treat 😛

Have you tried other chocolates by this brand Elizabeth Shaw? Please comment.

Thankyou for reading my first review!

Christine x


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